Monday, November 18, 2013

Update: Valproic Acid

I can cautiously say that since we raised the VA dose to 600 mg twice/day, there have been fewer seizures. We are at one or two/day, down from 3-4. Too early for a party but maybe a smidgen of optimism is justified.

Until now, C. had suffered no side effects whatsoever. But five days ago, she launched another one of her "food strikes" [see this earlier post].

Yesterday it dawned on me that it coincided with the rise in dosage. Google assured me that one of the known possible side effects of the VA is "change in appetite". So it is plausible that the two are connected. Even though her appetite did not simply "change". It vanished

I must confess the situation is so frustrating that I'm resorting to forcing the food in. I wait for C. to open her mouth voluntarily but then I take her hand that's holding the spoon and place it in her mouth for her. 

In the past [see this past post], after a several days of this approach, she resumed her independent eating. But it can take up to a week.  A very long, very upsetting week.

For now, mealtimes are my biggest dread.

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