Monday, November 18, 2013

Glad to be getting some feedback on my daughter's Hart Walker experience

Today, I received an anonymous comment to a post that originally appeared here in July: "My daughter C meets the Hart Walker. Not very heart warming." Here's the comment:
It seems that the stem of the device is too low and leaned backwards, instead of forwards. Her knees are too much bended. May I advise you to have the device readjusted by an expert? All the luck and best wishes to you and your daghter C.
Now here's my response to today's comment. I felt it deserved its own post because I want to be sure that the commenter sees it. Perhaps others who have some Hart Walker experience will also chime in.

Thank you so much for your suggestion. The photo you commented on was taken during an adjustment session. It does not illustrate how C. actually stands in the walker now. Here is an up to date photo:

Does this look acceptable? Do you have experience with the Walker through use with your child?

Last night when C. used the Walker, she did not lock her knees at all. Locking them has been a big problem. But we're still not seeing any independent steps.

(I previously posted about how things are going with C. and the Hart Walker here.)  

Once again, thank your for your interest.

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