Monday, November 18, 2013

Update: The lawsuit

Our legal case is back on track, albeit a different one than previously. 

Instead of the drug company or the government department dealing with health, our lawyers are focusing on the doctors whose advice I sought back then. 

Here is the background.

Seventeen years ago, on the day before C.'s scheduled MMR vaccine, I met an acquaintance/pharmacist, the mother of an autistic boy. She told me that she had recently attended a lecture about the dangers of vaccinating neurologically impaired children. 

I immediately contacted the two doctors caring for the time, one a developmental pediatrician and the second a pediatric neurologist. Those were pre-cell-phone days but I didn't even wait to get home. I grabbed the nearest public phone.

Their responses were identical: 
There's absolutely no reason to be concerned about C., any more than with a healthy baby. And any risk that is posed by the vaccine is not as great as the risk in not vaccinating.
They practically shouted vaccinate!

We have found several supportive medical articles both current and dating to  the time when C. was vaccinated. They all indicate that the risk of injury - including epilepsy - from the MMR is greater for a child already neurologically impaired than for a healthy one.

For any of you in our situation, some of those articles are here, here and here.

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