Saturday, November 25, 2017

A dismal discharge

We are now hopeful that C. will be released from hospital tomorrow. Well, I'm not certain "hopeful" is all that accurate given the trepidation I'm feeling about the prospect. C. will be returning home on four anti-epileptics. She left 18 days ago on one! (excluding cannabis).

She will also be returning in an extremely sleepy state and without any appetite.

What has been achieved is a halt to her Status Epilepticus. I realize I'm supposed to be grateful for that. But given the high price we've paid - the loss of every ounce of functioning she previously had - I'm finding that hard.

None of the staff dares predict whether this is a temporary phenomenon.

They are just as vague about how long they'd like her to stay on her current drug cocktail. They maintain that there's no way to ascertain which one actually did the zapping so it's risky to remove any. They say eventually her neurologist will guide us on weaning C. off most of them.

To quote myself: I'll believe it when I see it.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh god, no. I am sorry to only be reading this now. I'm sending you love, continued strength and courage. Please hug yourself for me and your beautiful girl.