Tuesday, November 5, 2013

No miracle... yet

The Hart Walker staff returned to C.'s school today as promised.

Since receiving it on loan ten days earlier, we had stored the walker in our spare bedroom. It's quite an intimidating contraption. Whenever I entered the room to get something it seemed to dare me to touch it. 

The hubby and I came up with a string of insurmountable excuses to avoid it. (It requires two adults to put C. in).

Then, with the Hart Walker staff's return two days away we realized we had come to the crunch. They would expect a progress report.

The first time we used it, C. locked her knees nearly as tightly as she had when we tried it out at school. The second time her knees seemed a lot looser and she nearly took a couple of independent steps. But then she reconsidered and lifted her bent left leg four cm off the floor. And kept it there. And kept it there some more. There was nothing I could do to lower it. Moreover, her body was twisted to the left. 

I was relieved when 20 minutes were up. (We were advised to leave her in it for 20-30 minutes each time.)  

Today the Hart Walker people made adjustments that they anticipate will alleviate the problems.I'm hoping for a few steps. But I also wish some clever inventor would take this walker on as his project. It's in need of a major design overhaul.

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