Friday, April 1, 2016

Bed sore is back but a few good days too

Well, the bed-sore honeymoon is over.

The one remaining mild wound which only required this bandage (see below) and the air mattress, grew more severe over the past two weeks. So I asked our health insurance provider for a home nurse visit and that wonderful guy prescribed the three-layer bandage routine.

So today, after hydrotherapy, I re-bandaged C. at school. 

But on the bright side - yes, sometimes there is one in C.'s life - we have been enjoying several of those mysterious near-seizure-free days this week.

As in the past, there is no apparent rhyme or reason to them and - other than briefly noting them to one another - the Hubby and I keep it scrupulously under our chests.  Not even a mention to our other kids.

Because, you know how that jinx works.

As I've written here, even one of our past pediatric neurologists - the department head - warned us never to utter a word about seizure improvement to anyone. Apparently it's some scientific phenomenon, this particular jinx.

So, please, not a word to a soul.

At the top of this post. there's the portrait of a student at C.'s school that's still a work in progress. It's number 5 in the series I'm planning of children at her school.

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