Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Musings to distract from the global horror

My second home
My local pool - and second home - was shut this morning due to some technical hiccup leaving my schedule and psyche off-kilter. With time to muse but still half asleep (because those laps are what wake me), I was left with this.

Lately, C. has taken to biting her tongue (at least we presume that's what she's biting) and bleeding from her mouth during many of her seizures. She never used to do that. The bleeding stops quickly and we aren't going to do anything about it. It's just another disconcerting aspect to life with C.

I intend to call our cannabis nurse to inquire about THC oil for epileptics. Neither she nor our neurologist ever mentioned it as an option. But Elizabeth of A Moon Worn As if It Had Been a Shell  has been giving it to her Sophie with good results.

And with C. stuck at several seizures/day and no functional progress, I figure it's time for some change or other.

C ' s braid today has a life of its own
That nurse [link] finally contacted me after I chased her for a week about "the stuff" and is now, officially "looking into it." I'm not holding my breath.

We learned yesterday that two of C.'s classmates have followed C.'s example and now receive medicinal cannabis. Just confirms that we are fortunate to live in a medicinal cannabis paradise second only to Colorado, I'd say.

We also just learned that our 23 year old has smoked the stuff "a bit", to quote her. Since the Hubby and I are very pro-lungs and anti-smoking,  I urged her to switch to brownies.

Hey, am I a very-easy-going Mom or what?

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Elizabeth said...

Hmm. Look into THCa as well. And we've found that switching strains can also help. I give Sophie .2 ml of THC every night. I know it helps her to sleep.