Friday, April 8, 2016

Cannabis Chapter 2: We're starting with THC oil

Video still from the CNN clip: An Israeli father gives his
son THC oil [Video Source]
After reading about it, thinking about it, talking about it and blogging about it, I watched a CNN video clip about it: that is, THC oil used in conjunction with CBD oil.

The clip [online here] finally spurred me to call our Cannabis supplier's nurse to inquire about the bureaucracy involved in getting THC. Mind-blowing answer: no requirements.

As Murphy's Law would dictate, to get the CBD oil, which is low in THC and can't produce a high, you need a neurologist who has treated your child for an extended period already and who is willing to submit the demanding Ministry of Health paperwork. Then you must wait a month to, hopefully, receive the license which states precisely the amount your child is permitted to receive per month. That license must be produced every time you purchase the CBD oil. If you raise the dosage to a point where the stated amount won't suffice, the neurologist must re-submit all those documents to apply for a brand new license.

But for the THC oil which does induce highs and possible other effects, you need only text a doctor's recommendation to the Cannabis nurse. Any MD at all will suffice. Even your garden variety family doctor, even one who has never met your child. Anybody who'll oblige you! (Provided, of course, that you already have a license for CBD oil.)

And thus, within 48 hours of watching that CNN segment, we had ourselves a bottle of THC along with these precise phone  instructions from the nurse:
  • Start with one drop.
  • Watch for reactions. 
  • Raise the dosage as required. 
I kid you not.

I haven't given C. any yet, but am very eager to. The family profiled on the CNN clip, whose child appeared to be as severely epileptic and CP-disabled as C. is, said they use it only on "bad days". So I'm eagerly awaiting a "bad day" that isn't caused by C.'s periodic neurological fevers which we zap with a couple of Advils. I'll keep you posted.

And how about this? Our Ministry of Education will be granting its most prestigious annual award in 2016 to a man who founded one of our largest closed institutions for children and young adults with severe disabilities.  I feel as though we are locked in a time machine hurtling back to the Middle Ages.


Elizabeth said...

I give Sophie .2ml of THC oil every night, along with her dose of CBD.

The Sound of the Silent said...

Thanks so much for the tip. Should I give it at night even though C. sleeps soundly? Do you find it helps with seizure control too? That's her major demon.