Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More school woes

It seems that any time we approach experts outside C.'s school, we're given a dressing down from some staff member.

This time, the school's physiotherapist was displeased to learn that we visited a seating clinic and will be adjusting C.'s wheelchair according to the recommendations we received from the experts there.

Displeased physiotherapist: "We have our own seating expert. Why didn't you consult her?"

Background about that expert. After about 25 years, C.'s school hired its first occupational therapist who is a seating expert. Until now, the physiotherapists would cancel sessions with the children in order to make hasty, incorrect seating assessments.

At the start of the current school year, we parents were all notified of the new expert's existence. We were also warned not to expect an assessment from her any time soon since she's got scores of children to cope with. (But don't you dare consult anybody outside the school!)

The neglect continues.

Once again, I found three children dumped in the school's sports room entirely, utterly unsupervised! I suppose I should be grateful that this time they were all fully clothed.

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