Monday, July 20, 2015

The heat has struck hard

C. has had several days of dehydration, zero appetite and lethargy. For us, that's meant hours of giving her water and of spoon feeding her minimal portions of food. Celebrations erupt whenever she wets her diaper.

Today we had our wonderful home-visiting nurse come by to draw blood so we can see whether she needs more serious treatment.

We've been greeted twice now at the end of the school day with "C. refused to eat or drink and was dry all day."

So today, after her hydro session - in which she didn't do well - we brought her home lest she dry out again in the "care" of the staff.

From time to time emergencies arise that make me long for the good ol' "profoundly disabled with refractory epilepsy".

That's C. today, over on the right, while we await the blood test results.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, I do hope she's better soon. Every now and then Sophie goes through food and drink strikes. I'm not sure what that's about, though. It passes, and she's back to normal, and we never know what exactly happened!

The Sound of the Silent said...

Thanks, Elizabeth and great to have you back from Hedgewood, blogging in earnest (well, for us it is, anyway).

I remember your accounts of Sophie's food and drink strikes and C. has had done the food-only strike too. But this time she upped the ante, really dehydrated and grew lethargic. Also, her liver enzyme number was high yesterday. True, she's had that sort of reading in the past so I hope this one will normalize soon too. But gosh, all the groping in the dark because they can't communicate! And then the fear "Could this be it?"

So draining, isn't it?