Monday, July 7, 2014

Demoralizing, gratifying and outrageous - all in one day

These days, I spend a chunk of my time speaking to my mother (who is in hospital) and C. which has prompted me to elevate C.'s cognition grade to a fairly respectable level.

It's so, so emotionally draining to see my mother intubated and unresponsive. I beg her to shut her eyes to signal "yes" but she only rarely answers. Most days I just drone on endlessly while she stares.

It is now some 48 hours since they stopped the sedation and she's still incommunicado. I keep drawing to stay semi-sane (see sketch on the left).

Today, C's new wheelchair equipment finally arrived. She and the rest of us are unreservedly elated with it.

Here she is exhibiting her pleasure only minutes after being seated in her new throne. Note all the professional attention she is receiving - a rare treat for my eyes.

I finally managed to photograph the child lying on the floor under the swing in the sports room while another child swings above him. It happens every day under the watchful eyes of the aides. (I've mentioned it in earlier posts like this one and this. )

One aide once explained to me very proudly that the child on the floor -  who has Down Syndrome, albinism and visual impairment - enjoys the visual stimulation this activity affords him!

I've never dared to photograph it in the presence of the aides but today I was feeling uncharacteristically daring. I spoke into my phone while I snapped away. And nobody paid the slightest heed...


Elizabeth said...

Your drawing looks remarkably like the Roz Chast one of her own mother in her new memoir about the aging of her parents. Have you seen it because it's quite brilliant --

The Sound of the Silent said...

I'm also a huge Roz Chast fan. So far I have only read the excerpt of her latest memoir which appeared in the New Yorker a while back:

And enjoyed these reviews of the book:

You're right, though, I've got to read the full version and it's now on my "to do" list.