Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Walking the gauntlet

We've managed to hold off with starting C. on the Vimpat, though it's sitting at the ready in our med drawer. That's basically the only good news.

Otherwise, C. has been growing gaunter by the day - despite eating well (though not feeding herself, unfortunately). She's also very weak and unable to do assisted walking as well as she used to. And she kvetches with every step. Quite the nightmare.

Her blood test results were all bad (CRP and IgG rose) except for her albumin level which rose. One thyroid reading was bad for the second time although the other two were fine again.

The pediatrician confesses that he's confounded. He'll be speaking to the gastro guy today.

In the meantime, here is a glimpse of C.'s gauntness (I did the sketch). The bandage over her right eye is from the gash she sustained at the hands of her mother. Yes, I dropped her last week while walking with her. It was glued up in the ER 10 days ago. So amidst this mess we can at least rest assured that she won't have a bad scar to mar her beautiful face.


Elizabeth said...

How awful to watch your daughter grow gaunt. She is, indeed, beautiful. I hate more than anything when our girls get these wounds -- it's particularly cruel. I'm sending you love and continued support as you navigate all this difficulty.

The Sound of the Silent said...

Thank you, Elizabeth. These really are trying days and knowing that you are following all this does help. Much strength to you too as you face your challenges with Sophie.