Thursday, March 17, 2016

The mystery "stuff" and the elusive nurse

You can see it there at the bottom of the otherwise-empty bottle
I've spent a fair bit of time this week trying to make contact with the nurse at the company that grows, processes and sells the cannabis oil we give C.

I want to tell her that the bottom of our last empty bottle of cannabis sports a large clump of what can only be called, at this point, "stuff". The "stuff" is utterly stuck and unbudgeable.

If this "stuff" is cannabis, then this is a serious concern. It means that C. is not receiving her recommended dosage and that we have paid for cannabis that we cannot use  It may not even be the first instance of this which could explain why C. has been seizing several times per day for most of the time she's been on cannabis.

But my repeated voice massages, texts and Whatsapps to the nurse as well as messages left with the secretaries haven't yielded a response.

Has anybody encountered this same problem with their oil?

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