Thursday, December 17, 2015

An invitation to inspiration

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Elizabeth blog post

I daresay that I speak not only for myself but for some of you too: caring for our children not only saps our emotional, physical and monetary resources; it leaves us in the red.

There is little or nothing for us to offer other children like our own. And I don't mean in thought, spirit or writing but by interacting with them, talking to them, listening to them, interpreting their non-verbal language, playing with them,

Elizabeth Aquino, whose blog introduced me to  medical cannabis, benzo harm, benzo weaning and other disability insights, shows us that we can do it.

Come be inspired, as I was, by an excerpt from her latest blog post:
Here's some good stuff. I spent a few glorious hours in Sophie's school classroom this morning. I brought fresh donuts and about nine Trader Joe's gingerbread houses for the kids to put together and decorate. They're a rowdy, fun bunch of young men and women. They are Asian and Hispanic and African-American and Caucasian and Christian and Orthodox Jewish and Muslim. They sang Christmas carols, danced and laughed and wiped frosting all over themselves. They worked very hard throwing sprinkles over the roofs and piled the little sugar people up by the front door. The teacher declared awesome mosh pit! and they all giggled. If you need a bit of cheer in your life, if you're completely demoralized by all the bullshit -- by the freedom lovers and gun lovers, by the war mongers and terrorists, by the expressions boots on the ground and collateral damage,by the Federal Reserve -- you should visit a class of young adults with disabilities.

You won't feel gratitude for what you have and what they lack. You'll want what they have and what you lack.
Weaning Update: C. has now had several days of respite from those strings of seizures I mentioned last post. We're thrilled to be back to the occasional ones scattered throughout the day. Isn't everything relative?


Elizabeth said...

Awww. Thank you for that shout-out!

I am so glad to hear of the break in withdrawal symptoms. May it continue to go well.

The Sound of the Silent said...

It was well-deserved. You've gotten me so fired up that I'm considering making C. a birthday party in her class. It would be a first for us.