Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to C.

I must confess that we did not in any way - aside from this post - mark C.'s birthday today.

This is not because I'm indifferent to birthdays by nature. I actually go to great lengths with every other family member's birthday: creamy cake, candles, balloons, group card, a present, every birthday song ever composed and as many of our children as I can round up for the occasion.

But I doubt that C. would have appreciated the significance of such an event. And, really, her life is a sad one for her and us. What would we be celebrating?

Before anybody reports us to the welfare authorities, please note that we commemorated the birth of a new grandchild today, and C. was there. Bringing her involved extensive preparations and physical exertion, not to mention moans and groans from her siblings ("Oh Mom, take a babysitter and leave her at home.")

But I was determined and the hubby was obliging.

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