Friday, December 16, 2016

News alert: Kappa, lambda and sodium

The diagnostic lab called C.'s pediatrician yesterday because the blood test results showed alarmingly high sodium levels which translate into serious dehydration.

The diuretics clearly did that. This revelation explains the puzzling gauntness and the dietitian explained how: Every cell contains water so when somebody is dehydrated every cell in his body dries up and shrinks.

Well, those blood tests are the gift that keeps on giving: today some more results rolled in including some that had never been tested for C. According to the liver specialist, they indicate a hematological problem.

"I think you should consult a hematologist also due to the high kappa/lambda ratio."

When I consulted Dr. Google about these results, the illness that was always mentioned in its context was multiple myeloma which took my father from us twenty years ago.

So the list of worries and specialists on C.'s case is growing fast. But the answers still elude them all.

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