Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A brief, eventful ER visit

That's me, briefly visiting C. and hubby in ER and giving
a hand with feeding
So much is happening and so fast.

Following my footsteps, C. took an ambulance yesterday accompanied by the hubby and they have been in the ER since 2:30 yesterday afternoon. I am home trying to keep calm (hah!) and recuperate from my hospital stint.

After the requisite couple of hours of being ignored by harried hospital staff, C.'s treatments are rolling in fast and thick. She has been started on IV Keppra, an anti-epileptic we did many years ago and abandoned. While we don't recall any details, it was probably for lack of results.

But some of these drugs are known to impact differently at different times so re-tries are common. Besides, unlike Vimpat, which we started yesterday and are now dropping, we were advised Keppra is harmless to the liver.

Then, at my suggestion, the gastro specialist gave C. her first dose of steroids for her malfunctioning liver. We'd been waiting for a liver biopsy to ascertain whether or not the gastro's hunch about Autoimmune Hepatitis was correct. But organizing that was shlepping on for so many weeks that I thought it might be better to just jump to steroids without it. I'm still in shock over the gastro's agreement to actually go that route.

Now, with hospitals here overcrowded to bursting - and C. and hubby languishing in an ER aisle for 24 hours - the doctors have decided to release her imminently.

Hoping the new treatments herald better days for us all.

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