Friday, February 5, 2016

Huge neglect and little mercies

Well, I've written and posted photos so often  portraying the neglect in the sports room at C.'s school that you must have been yawning by the time I stopped.

Since September, when C. was switched to another classroom, I haven't been in that vicinity which is why the flood of those photos dried up.

But last week I witnessed daily equally appalling treatment of one of C.'s classmates..

I had to restrain myself from snapping away the first time I saw it because there were staff members all around. But this week, with the coast relatively clear, I gathered the guts to snap away - following it up with my pretend-chat-on-cellphone act to dispel suspicion. 

And here is what I'm talking about (above).

She is returned to the classroom from time to time - perhaps to eat and get changed - and then re-deposited in the corridor to resume this activity.

On a different note: I am now dredging the last drops of cannabis oil out of old bottles that I'd abandoned as empty (yes, I saved them. Too precious to discard).

Our distributor has notified us that we will no longer be able to pick up or receive delivery of our fresh supply until a full calendar month has elapsed. The four bottles we get just don't last a full month.

I really should ask our neurologist to fill in new health ministry forms requesting a new license for an additional bottle per month.

But with my own hysterectomy-related bureaucratic headaches  overwhelming me I can't embark on that one now.

Seizures daily but not excessive.

Meanwhile C.'s bedsores are healing beautifully and one of them is nearly officially gone. The angel of a visiting nurse told me I can stop bandaging it in a day or so.  I won't have to go to C.'s school three times a week to re-bandage her sores after hydrotherapy.

I'm sure I'll go bonkers from all that new-found free time.

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