Sunday, October 4, 2015

We're still here

We are having some uneventful days;  hence the blog-silence.

The same old "central fevers" on most days with the same old seizures and twitches until the Advil kicks in. (Their severity depends on how high the fever is.)

On fever-free days, the seizure tally has been around two - almost a reason to party. Bear in mind that all this is happening while weaning off the benzo (Rivotril). We are now at such a low dose, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If we can continue to reduce at the current rate we should be off the the stuff in 2 months.

And it's no secret what high hopes I've got for the post-benzo era.

C.'s appetite is also somewhat improved. At times she puts the spoon into her mouth with her previous gusto. As for flesh on her protruding bones - well, that's still eluding us. It's a concern we plan to raise at our next doctor's appointment.

I aim for 45 minutes to one hour of assisted walking with C. every day, although there are the occasional hectic days when she's just shuttled between wheelchair and bed - and then the guilt has a field day with me.

After a hiatus from drawing lasting a couple of weeks due to family obligations, I finally managed to put pencil to paper. Here's a sketch of C. (above) minutes after waking up.

And on the left is a photo from a rare outing the Hubby and I made with C. two days ago.

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