Sunday, January 25, 2015

Walking, smiling, seizing

Some recent MEDEK walking... C. is even giving one of  her original "smiles" - tip of the tongue out. Then, a blindsiding seizure. 


Elizabeth said...

Oh, god. How horrible. And you know I can relate --

The Sound of the Silent said...

And I can relate to your frustration over Sophie's food strike (your January 21st post: Fox Socks and Leopard Pant and Tiger Mothers)

C. has gone on a few of those. She starts them out of the blue and inexplicably. But they only involve her independent eating - she'll accept spoon-feeding and drinks from me. But I hate to see her abandon any skill. I mean, shes got precious few at the best of times.

So, I confess, during strikes I try, with perhaps a bit of force, to get her to lift the spoon to her mouth. Sometimes, after such spoonfuls she takes off on her own. Other times I end up reluctantly feeding her the rest.
Her strikes can last up to two-three weeks. Then they end as suddenly and mysteriously as they began and she resumes eating with gusto.

Has Sophie's ended?