Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yes, still worried

That's C in her hydrotherapy session today
equipped with flippers and floating all
on her own
Here's an update on what I posted here on Friday ["What, me worry?"]

Thankfully, after an emergency room X-ray last Friday, Hirschprung's Disease was eliminated as the cause of our new granddaughter's constipation. But the puzzle remains. She only has bowel motions under the influence of laxatives.  So we're off to a top pediatric gastro specialist in a few days. And the brain ultrasound, scheduled for a week later, also still looms.

C. had an awful, seizure-laden, knocked-out 24 hours. And the worst of it: not a trace of fever to calm me down.

This morning I was beside myself with doubt about this cannabis experiment until she slid into the pool for her hydro session and instantly looked like this (see my snapshot on the right).

Could the seizure-avalanche be a fluke? Was it the dosage rise of two days ago? The weather? The moon? Don't know. Don't care. Just wish it would pass.

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