Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The case of the vanishing Valproic Acid

Out of stock?
The seizures and the meds have taken up so much time and energy these past few days.

Most of the seizures have been accompanied by fever, albeit low, which is somewhat uplifting. But it's still so disheartening to see them. My estimate is that each one ages me a few months and probably enhances my vast display of wrinkles .

During last week's rapturous 36 hours of absolutely no seizures, the hubby and I both noticed that C. sported a brighter expression and clearer eyes. We'd love another such reprieve.

And then there are the med matters. We just rose today from 28 drops per day of cannabis to 29, and did so after only four days because, with the oil at a lower ratio (CBD 15%, THC 0.75%), the neurologist approved increases at shorter intervals.

We also just spent over an hour working the phones to try and locate a pharmacy that has the Valproic Acid pills of 500 mg which C. takes along with the 200 mg twice a day. Not one pharmacy in this city had any. They say it's been unavailable from the local manufacturer for months.
Insect bite?

Apparently the ones we bought these past couple of months were among the last bottles in stock. We are down to our last two pills so we will either drive to another city to grab up their last two bottles or switch to the liquid solution which I've used and hated; it's nearly impossible to get every drop down the hatch.

But why the shortage? No pharmacist could shed any light on this mystery.

Here is C.'s swollen hand from a presumed insect bite as it looks now, ten days later. The swelling did not subside for a week.

But to everyone's amazement, I totally kept my cool. I suppose seizure concerns were grabbing the limelight and Dr. Google assured me that bites often present this way and are benign.

I wish I could be that indifferent about more of life's challenges.

And here is C. in my late mother's old earrings.

UPDATE: We nailed 40 days worth of those precious Valproic Acid pills this morning!!

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