Monday, October 13, 2014

Some small pot holes

Out of cannabis oil

Two nights ago our supply of cannabis ran out and we had to skip a dose. These bottles are annoying because it's impossible to discern the amount of oil that is left. Had I known we were so close to the end, we'd have driven the hour to collect a new supply instead of waiting for the next delivery - which arrived this morning. 

But the thrill of holding two new bottles of the precious stuff was short-lived because the labels read: 15% CBD and 0.75% THC. That's significantly lower than the previous concentration.

After a flurry of emails with C.'s neurologist and the cannabis nurse, we learned that the producers of the oil had consulted with "doctors and researchers" who advised them to lower their maximum concentration from 20% CBD to 15%. The reason wasn't specified. I'm rather disappointed by the news since my cannabis guru, Elizabeth (here's her blog) finds that the higher the ratio, the more efficacious it is with the highest she mentioned being 30:1 [Note: The text in the previous sentence originally said 30% and has now been fixed. Thanks again to Elizabeth for pointing this out.]

The producer supplying us is the major, but not the sole, one in this country so at some point we may scavenge for a higher percentage. But for now we'll just follow the nurse's and neurologist's advice to raise the dosage to 27 drops per day.

This is just a whisper: we've seen no seizures since starting the new batch. But I'm being very mature this time so there isn't a trace of euphoria around here.

And lest we slack off, C. decided to present with a majorly swollen hand tonight. One minute it was normal, the next it morphed into this: 

C.'s right hand has swollen up

It appears to be an insect bite with a choice of two red spots to support that theory. But the ice pack and full night's sleep have hardly dented it. Even holding her spoon - that one skill of hers I'm so proud of - seems to be affected. 

Google was reassuring and a trip to the doctor with C. is an enormous challenge so we're sitting this one out at home.


Elizabeth said...

The ratio 30:1 is not PERCENTAGE. It just means 30 parts CBD (cannabis) to 1 part THC. I don't know if that clarifies things for you, but in any case, it sounds like your girl is doing well with what you're getting and giving. That's wonderful news!

The Sound of the Silent said...

Oops. Thanks for pointing that out, Elizabeth. I'll correct my post. By the way, how is Sophie doing seizure-ly?