Friday, September 2, 2011

Horrific abuse

Barbara P. Fernandez for The New York Times
J. G. is a plaintiff in a 2009 civil rights lawsuit against New York City over his and other children's abuse by Judith Leekin.
Here is a link to a horrific tale of abuse of disabled children. The perpetrator of the crimes has been imprisoned since 2008 for several now, but the case resurfaced this week because civil suits are being brought against the welfare authorities on behalf of the ten victims.

It seems that the foster mother was handed both children and hundreds of thousands of dollars over decades. The fact that she used many different aliases at one and the same address, had no social security number, etc. failed to set off alarm bells.

Is anyone with me in wondering whether such lapses would have occurred had the children involved been "normal"? The article is here. And the original 2007 NYT article report ["One Woman, 11 Adoptions and a Time of Urgency"] is here

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