Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The occupational therapist called to brighten my day (just kidding)

There's nothing like a stay in hospital to grab some attention for your child from the school staff.

So yesterday the occupational therapist called me to discuss C.'s bout of dehydration and lethargy. The last time she spoke to me was years ago.

I was out. The Hubby took a message, urged me to call her back (I was inclined not to) and insisted "She means well." (I begged to differ.)

So for the sake of marital harmony, I returned the call.

She questioned me regarding C.'s diet, vitamin levels, malnutrition, insufficient calories,  the need to test for vitamin levels, the need to consult a dietitian, the undesirability of giving water when C. is reclining (she swallows it better that way when weak).

Everything but the kitchen sink.

Given the low self-esteem that's been plaguing me lately,  this little chat was the last thing I needed.

But somehow I swallowed it all, dutifully thanked and agreed with her on every score and emitted but one criticism: of  the aides who left C. dry and hungry for hours without even notifying us. The OT asked me to demonstrate to her how I give C. drinks while she's lying down with torso slightly elevated. I do this whenever she's reluctant to drink, lethargic or in the middle of the night.

The demo took place today.

The OT didn't like the position, advised me to elevate her even higher, and declared that nobody but I, she or the nurse should give her drinks that way. So it was concluded that the aides, when on their own, will be instructed to call us whenever C. refuses to drink.

I also filled her in on all sorts of info re C.'s behavior, seizures, eating habits and more. I believe - or at least hope - she was satisfied.

Then she gave me phone number of a dietitian who specialized in the Ketogenic Diet in order to ask her about the Modified Atkins Diet. I promised I'd call - but doubt I will. I mean there's just so much time in a day and so much energy in a 61 year old.

I think that's the last I'll hear from this therapist and believe the staff will now return to their policy of "benign neglect".

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