Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cannabis update

Our quest for cannabis is progressing slowly - just like everything else related to C. While I wouldn't say we're one step forward two steps back, it's not smooth sailing: two steps forward, one step back would be more accurate.

It was a relief to hear from C.'s pediatric neurologist that she's willing to be the referring doctor for our application. Had she refused, we would have been in a bind since the ministry of health insists on a referral from a specialist in the illness for which you are requesting the cannabis. Furthermore, that specialist must have been treating the applicant for an extended period. Our current pediatric neurologist is the only one who fits the bill.

But here's the hitch:  C. has just become an official "adult". Since her doctor only deals with children, she's decided to consult with an adult neurologist to learn the ropes of adult cannabis applications.

Until here, it's all reasonable.

The problem is that she has chosen to consult with the same arrogant neurologist - our national Rett expert - who tongue-lashed me just a few weeks ago. Over the years that we've dealt with this woman regarding testing C. for Rett, she has produced an infuriating track record of ignoring emails and phone messages both from us and other doctors.

So I fear a long delay in our quest.

The hubby and I have agreed to lie low for two weeks. Then, if we haven't heard anything from C.'s pediatric neurologist, we'll resort to some gentle nudging.

With the return of C.'s awake-seizures, I am now beyond eager to get that cannabis into her. 

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