Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A bundle of contradictions

Even non-disabled children enjoy it
(From the Hearth Strings blog)
For a girl who is categorically, profoundly, cognitively disabled, C. does several pretty amazing things.

1. Today we walked home in heavy rain and as she has done before, C. tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide to catch the raindrops. (My mouth opened too - in awe.)

2. When she is lying on her back for a diaper change, C. often lifts her bottom way up to assist me and only lowers it once I've pulled her pants on over the dry one.

3. If C. has a seizure while I'm walking her, I stop and hold her in my lap for its duration. Then, instead of resting for a while, within seconds she springs herself up ramrod straight and resumes walking, unfazed by her post-seizure wobbliness.

I'd love to be privy to some of her thoughts.

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