Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We Have Lift-Off!

We finally got lucky. The fourth pair of new shoes that I bought won the approval of all the physiotherapists at C.'s school.

Next came the hunt for a shoemaker able to do more than just nail patches on soles. (We weren't aware that skilled shoemakers are a disappearing breed.).

After scouring the city, we "nailed" one who claimed to be up to the challenge: adding a one centimeter lift to the right shoe-sole. C.'s physiotherapist and brace-maker suggested this in order to correct the unequal length of her legs.

Then more luck. They both OK'ed the resultant lift.

After observing C. walking with her new equipment (MEDEK-style), they declared her stepping as good as before and her posture even straighter.

Naturally this "report card" thrilled me. But I'm not satisfied yet:  I'm hoping for that elusive dream: Significant Improvement. 

I can't remember the last time we saw any in C.

In the meantime, here she is modeling her new walking aids.

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