Thursday, May 15, 2014

What to call our children?

From Minecraft website
I've frequently mentioned here my frustration over the lack of a distinct term for our children. "Disabled" and "with disabilities" are so absurdly broad, they leave us out in the cold.

The point is exemplified by a New York Times article ("Talking to Children About Their Disabilities, With Metaphors and Minecraft") written by a child psychologist whose daughter has disabilities. The author addresses the need to openly discuss with children themselves their own differences. She suggests phrases and concepts - some from computer games - that children relate to.

Now I'm a big fan of openness with children. But yikes! Ours must be another species existing on another planet. Discussions? Computer games? Metaphors?? How about diapers, seizure control, bed sores?

For some reason our challenges and those whom this article addresses are lumped together under the one heading: Children With Disabilities.

Isn't it time to distinguish between the mildly-to-moderately disabled and the severely-to-profoundly? Has anybody got any ideas for a term that aptly describes our children?

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