Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Here are C.'s new brace and the 4th pair of new shoes I have bought for her in the last 2 weeks.
I'll get her physiotherapist's assessment of these shoes tomorrow.  I'm afraid that they will share the fate of the previous 3 pairs I've bought: getting nixed by her physiotherapist and being returned to the store. 

Finding the right shoes is particularly challenging because C. wears a brace only on one foot. So the shoes must be big enough to fit over the brace, but not too big for the unbraced foot. Also, because C.'s legs are different lengths, the shoe must be able to accommodate a lift under one of the soles.
To complicate matters, each physiotherapist has different advice for me. One says only laced shoes will do. Another says velcro straps are O.K. One says high shoes are best, another says low ones are fine. One says buy two pairs of identical shoes in different sizes so the large one can fit over the braced foot and the small one over the unbraced. 

Once this saga ends you won't find me in a shoe store again for a good few years.

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