Monday, April 9, 2018

The physical therapist weighs in

Just heard back from C.'s new physical therapist.

I had sent him video clips of her "walking", if you could call it that, with her left knee perpetually bent and her right one locked. It was a far cry from the desired performance.

Walking C last week
His recommended treatment: A two-week moratorium on that "walking". Instead we're to do brief sessions - ten minutes each, three times each day - of standing her, straightening the left and slightly bending the right knees while rocking her from side to side.

Of course, halting the walking for that long will be a torment for me. Seeing her upright and moving, even in so rudimentary a manner, always boosted my spirits somewhat.

But I'll try to obey these instructions - for the most part - and of course will keep you posted on results.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, boy. These girls.