Thursday, April 28, 2016

Yikes: The VNS rep called already!

From a Howcast video
This VNS business is galloping ahead at break neck speed.

I'm used to medical matters that take ages to be resolved. Like my left-eye's cataract which has been rendering my vision progressively more blurry for three years. I am only now about to have surgery on it. (And that hysterectomy I was told I need which I've put on hold for now.)

In contrast, not even one week after our visit to the neurologist, the rep/nurse called to set up an appointment here at home. I am not psyched up for C. having another surgery just yet and feel that the powers-that-be are disconcertingly eager to implant the thing in her.

But as the Hubby reminded me, we've only committed to a chat; no knives or anesthetics or hospital stays involved at this stage. Still, I have a hunch that we'll be offered a date for all that which will leave us little time to  ponder this move thoroughly.

I suppose my reluctance to race ahead with this is also related to blessed calm C. has been enjoying since those four awful days last week.

Well, in any case, the meeting is set for Tuesday and I'll keep everybody posted.

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