Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday stunner

I was perusing the web for some disability news to include in my latest rant about institutionalization, when I accidentally landed here.

If you thought that anybody devoting time and funds to children with disabilities must be sensitive and admirable, think again.

It seems there are plenty of folks who do just that but who are nonetheless bad. And if not truly bad, definitely misguided, dull and primitive.

You are probably wondering how one person can possess such incongruous traits so hang on to your seats before reading the article below:

BSO provides unique hunting experience for children with disabilities
October 14, 2015

PHOTO: Courtesy of the Bossier Sheriff's Office | Cameron Hollis (left), shot an 8-point buck Saturday and Reed Edwards (right) shot a doe. Both young men are grateful for the opportunity given to them by the Bossier Sheriff’s Office and the Dream Hunt Foundation.

Bossier [Louisiana] Sheriff Julian Whittington hosted two young hunters with disabilities from the Dream Hunt Foundation last Saturday in north Bossier Parish.  Dream Hunt Foundation is a Louisiana-based nonprofit organization that gives children with special needs or who are underprivileged the chance to go on a guided hunt.

Cameron Hollis and Reed Edwards, both 13, had successful hunts Saturday morning.  Hollis shot an 8-point buck and Edwards shot a doe.  Both young men were thankful for the opportunity given to them by the Bossier Sheriff’s Office and the Dream Hunt Foundation.

The Bossier Sheriff’s Office has hosted the Dream Hunt Foundation for several years now, and Sheriff Whittington, an avid hunter, is excited to work with such a great organization.

“It’s one of the best programs I’ve ever seen,” said Sheriff Whittington.  “These hunters dedicate their time to bring these young people out who otherwise would not be able to get up in a deer stand because of different difficulties they face,” he said.  “We’re giving them an opportunity to hunt.”

The Dream Hunt Foundation was founded in spring 2013 by Jeff Warren to make a difference in the lives of children with special medical needs.


Elizabeth said...

This is so beyond gross, I can't stand to read it. Ugh.

The Sound of the Silent said...

Yup. Can't think of a more repugnant way to "help".