Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hooray, yay, whoopee and yippee!

I clutched the three precious bottles the whole way home, then quickly stashed them to the med drawer before a ray of sunlight or other harm could befall them.

Believe it or not, and I myself haven't fully absorbed it, C. is now the holder of a medical cannabis license, valid for one year.

Today, only 2 months after we broached the topic with C.'s neurologist, we drove for an hour to our free instruction session with a pediatric nurse. Informative and friendly, she volunteers at our country's largest producer, supplier and promoter of medical cannabis...

An hour later we trotted off to the organization's shop to pick up a free two-month's supply of the drug.

The service and product are provided free to children and while C. technically graduated that phase three months ago, these generous folks are, for some reason, treating her as a child. And I'm not complaining.


Elizabeth said...

Wonderful! Do you know what the ratio is of CBD to THC?

Erin said...


The Sound of the Silent said...
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The Sound of the Silent said...

Thank you Erin. Have you ever tried cannabis? It's beneficial, apparently, for an amazingly wide range of symptoms.

The Sound of the Silent said...

I hope you are aware, Elizabeth, that we would never have been aware of cannabis as a treatment for epilepsy, let alone applied for a license if not for your blog. In this country, as of several months ago, any child with refractory epilepsy can apply for such a license and in all likelihood will quickly receive one. Nevertheless, nobody, no doctor, no teacher, no therapist ever notified us of this.

I have been actively sharing this news with whoever will listen. I also plan to write a piece about it after C. has been on it for a while.

So thank you so, so much.

Here are our ratios: 4.9% CBD to 0.75% THC. That's all Greek to me so if you can shed light on its significance, I'd be much obliged.