Thursday, November 5, 2009

Introducing myself

My fourteen year old daughter, C., kissed me repeatedly last night when I cuddled up with her on an arm-chair. (She sticks out the tip of her tongue and places it on my cheek to “kiss”.) I don’t usually have the time to just sit and hug her and hers was such a normal reaction that it lifted my spirits a bit.

C. is cortically blind, has CP, is profoundly retarded, has severe epilepsy, walks only with assistance (though not well), can feed herself with a spoon while I support her elbow, points her index finger to sign “yes” and makes a fist for “no” in response to certain questions. She really does not do much more than that independently. She does not speak and rarely makes any sounds (crying included). She has no diagnosis or known cause for her disabilities.

Every one of the above-mentioned skills was achieved after years of effort and repetition.

I’m going to use this vent to vent about the trials and tribulations of raising C. and about coping with other challenges as well. I have no assistance in caring for C. other than several hours a day at a school for the blind and multiply handicapped.

I will also share news items relating to the disabled and their families which have moved me.

My hope is that this blog will serve as the voice of this silent sector of society.

Your relevant comments, advice, experiences, observations and plain old venting will be greatly appreciated.

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