Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Victims of Valproic Acid on France's radar

I'm down to giving only 200g of valproic acid to C. as we
wean her entirely off
To quote the Hubby: "Holy cow!"

It was an apt reaction to this Reuter's report I shared with him. They say that last Tuesday, November 11th, the French Parliament amended the 2017 budget bill to include 10 million Euros earmarked for a new compensation fund.

The beneficiaries will be the victims of none other than valproic acid!!

Yes, the very drug that C. has been imbibing for three and a half years and that has apparently wreaked havoc with her liver.

Last night, we started C. on two diuretics - Furosemide and Spironolactone - to replace weekly drainage in the hospital. And, of course, we're still hoping that once we have finished the valproic acid weaning, her liver will recover somewhat. (We're already down from 700 to 200 mg twice a day).

And still no word from that pediatric neurologist who prescribed the friggin' stuff and ignored the signs that her liver was being damaged by it. Right up to the very end of her relationship with us!

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