Wednesday, May 6, 2015

And they call this special ed...

No, this photo on the right isn't from today. I didn't dare take out my phone and snap.

I just returned from a mid-day pop-in at C.'s class to drop off her brace and shoes for her ONCE-weekly half hour of walking in school. And as usual, I was greeted by a scene that screamed neglect and laziness.  C. sat there in her wheelchair, utterly ignored, feet beside - not on - the footrests, chewing at her bib with a vengeance.

She tends to chew when she's either thirsty or hungry. So after placing her feet where they belonged, I grabbed a cup of water.

The teacher, who was busy with feeding another child, noted that she'd just given C. "tons" to drink. I told her she seemed willing to have more and gave her some.

I added that C. was probably very hungry and asked whether she could have lunch before she's taken out by the school aide who walks her. The teacher said she'd try but it wasn't likely to work out. The aide was due at 1:30pm. I thanked her and fled.

I know. By now I should have "gotten over it". But this C-grade babysitting that masquerades as "schooling" doesn't stop incensing me.

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