Sunday, August 21, 2016

To stop me from twiddling my thumbs

We came home from our HMO's fund's wound clinic (who knew there was such a creature?) with a laundry list of tactics to trounce the pressure sore plague.
  1. The medicine and bandages we've been using were replaced with totally different ones that I must change twice daily (instead of the previous once). The new bandage is just several layers of gauze drenched with iodine and  taped down over only one corner which we alternate at every change. (All the plastic layers we used were irritating the surrounding, healthy skin). It's in the photo above.
  2. A swab was taken from one of the sores for culturing - must call back in several days for results when we'll adjust antibiotic accordingly.
  3. In the meantime, a course of antibiotic - ciprofloxacin.
  4. Bring C. to a gastroenterologist to figure out why C.'s albumin dropped recently to sub-normal levels. (Low albumin contributes to poor wound healing.)
  5. Consult a dietitian for tips on how to boost albumin levels dietarily.
  6. Make appointment for HMO occupational therapist to visit home and assess C.'s sleeping and sitting equipment. Then, per her advice, order a state of the art new mattress and a new wheelchair - Health ministry will subsidize the purchases if it's done this way.
    Change C.'s position every two hours, including during the night. (Confession: I don't do that; I find uninterrupted sleep just too tempting.)
  7. Do not use C.'s brace for several days - nurse raised that to a week. I gulped, panicked and pleaded with the doctor to permit its brief use daily. I emphasized that without any standing or walking, C.'s quality of life will plummet. He immediately acquiesced recommending I cut a ring of foam padding to place around the foot wound. Moral of that exchange: don't accept unreasonable Dr.'s orders as gospel.
  8. Get a new brace.
The doctor and nurse  at the clinic were incredibly kind and considerate both to us and each other. Yes, you read that right: the doctor and nurse worked as a team. It was a first for me.

With the hubby boarding a flight tonight to his hometown for his mother's funeral, most of the above tasks will on the back burner for a while. 

Here (above) I am sharing C.'s pressure sores with that impressive team at the clinic.

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