Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Confession: It's so hard to talk to my daughter

With the Hubby overseas this past week, aside from some intensive grand-parenting, I've been home alone with C. I must confess that I've felt inadequate in that setting. I don't break the silence and talk to her enough. For the most part, I do so only when I'm tending to one of her needs when I verbalize what I'm doing. Otherwise, the absence of a response makes it so difficult. At least it does for me.

I'm aware that others are far more capable of doing it and that I ought to try harder and the guilt plagues me for failing to. After all,  it's clear that C. understands at least some of what she hears and that her hearing is keen. She may even comprehend more than is obvious to us. 

But the lack of response is an overwhelming dampener. I've even abandoned reading novels to her, something I did consistently during her meals about two years ago. I find that I need to be positively buoyant to be able to overcome the hurdle.

Do any of you share this challenge with your children?

Update: Just read the results of the urine test our doctor ordered to check for protein in the urine which would help explain C.'s low albumin level in the the blood. Believe it or not, every result was either normal or negative. And, most important, there was NO protein in the urine. So the mystery of the vanishing protein remains unsolved at this stage.


Elizabeth said...

I feel like that from time to time. I comfort myself by acknowledging that there are vast times of silence or meaningless interaction with my two typical kids and that Sophie and I share a world that is incredibly deep.

The Sound of the Silent said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. Your words were more comforting and encouraging than you can imagine.