Thursday, December 24, 2015

Not minding the minor maladies

There have been new challenges piled onto to the old and constant ones. 

I briefly mentioned C.'s bedsore which erupted one month ago. The health fund home-visiting nurse vetoed hydrotherapy until total healing. Fortunately, the school nurse and our pediatrician declared that advice to be overkill so we've been sending her to the pool - albeit without mentioning it to the home-visiting nurse. He is the sweetest person you'll ever meet and I'd hate to offend him with our disobedience. 

So the only hassle has been re-bandaging the wound after every hydro session and otherwise every 48 hours. Oh, and, of course, the hassle of looking at it. 

Next, this week brought us edema in C.'s feet and hands. Now we've dealt with the feet version and found that religiously raising them while C. is seated and lying is very effective. But the hands are new to us. How do you raise them? Is there a different treatment for them? The school nurse told me to ask the physiotherapists. I should do that. I may actually do it tomorrow. 

But for now I'm just letting this one ride.  My past encounters with the physio staff haven't been enjoyable and I don't relish speaking to any of them.  I did ask the teacher to consult with them on my behalf. So I may get an answer that way. 

Finally, I was informed by today's hydro-therapist who in turn told this to the nurse: C. has a sore on her tongue. Not to belittle tongue sores but, with C. feeding herself really well lately, I just can't rev up the anxiety over a sore which I can't even see and isn't bothering anybody (other than the hydro-therapist).

If you ask me, and I wish somebody would now and then, I'd say epilepsy and profound physical and cognitive impairment are enough all on their own. I really don't need all these other minor maladies added to the mix. 

P.S. Psst. I don't want to invite a jinx by broadcasting this so mum's the word: C.'s seizure count has been low these past few days. Could we be headed for the post-benzo good times?


Elizabeth said...

I'm hoping that perhaps your C is clearing her body of all toxins and will be at a new and much improved baseline of health and well-being. Sending you lots of love and support and wishes for a happy new year!

The Sound of the Silent said...

What a logical and welcome prognosis. I hope you are as spot on with this as you always have been. And a Happy New Year to you and your family too. With love and admiration, Mary