Friday, April 15, 2016

Pesky pressure sores, bad blood and a dream toy

Four layers of treatment and the results of the blood tests
Our ever sweet and competent visiting nurse urged us to test C.'s protein levels. He suspected that low levels were behind her frequent and slow-healing pressure sores.

Well, the deed was done today (very nearly wasn't, actually, because he had a very hard time coaxing enough blood out of C.'s veins and said it was due to dehydration).

Anyway, it turns out that C.'s protein level is fine but several other readings were extremely un-fine. LDL was abnormally high as was vitamin B12. There were a few more abnormals but I can't seem to anguish over all this.  My reserves are depleted so I've pushed this to the back burner for now.

Next week, we have a long overdue appointment with C.'s neurologist and I'll leave it to her to decipher the numbers for us.

Makes sounds, but audio quality
is poor
As for the pressure sore, its progress has been so disappointing that the nurse reinstated it to the first line of treatment.

Another hitch is that the plastic covering over the bandages has itself created fresh sores - something that never happened before.

I've bought C. a new toy which seems to stimulate her to flick her fingers over the buttons in order to elicit animal sounds, names of colors and shapes and music. Unfortunately it's a cheap device and the quality of its sound is pathetic. I dream of one with the same sort of easy-press buttons that produces pleasant sounds. I can't find one for sale.

Does any of you readers know of such a product available on-line?

P.S. Our bottle of THC remains sealed while we wait for the perfect "bad day".

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