Thursday, May 18, 2017

Yay - we're back to hydrotherapy!

C. had her first, post-school-hydrotherapy session yesterday.

She seemed relaxed and at times floated nearly independently - that is, after I donned my "meddling mom" hat and urged the therapist to reduce her support.

But those seizures persisted during the session. A couple of whoppers and many of the minis.

And while I did meddle, I was mindless of the proper gear for C. For instance, I entirely forgot about bringing along Huggies Little Swimmers. So C. had to contend with a weighty water-logged diaper.

The photo shows her contending.

Meanwhile we're giving THC when the going gets tough, and it has been effective the last couple of times. (Despite the bottle's expiry date of 03/17 - it's all we've got while awaiting our new, amended medical cannabis license that will enable us to purchase a fresh bottle.)

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