Friday, November 30, 2012

So who was watching the kids?

This doesn't qualify as abuse or neglect but it's a far cry from satisfactory care.

Yesterday I dropped C. off at school to find her six classmates along with one aide, all seated. I said good-bye to C. - a handshake and a kiss while explaining to her aloud what I'm doing. 

Despite my little speech the aide remained seated and silent.

Late for a physiotherapist appointment of my own, I left without another word. I figured some fully conscious aide would soon materialize.

Half way to my car, I realized I'd left my car keys with C. in her pusher. I raced back to school. Four minutes later, when I got there, I found that nothing had moved - the aide was still ensconced in dreamland.

What's a parent to do? Tips anyone?

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