Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What joy: A new stroller

Out with the old
We have stoically endured our daughter's Maclaren's stroller for eight and a half years. So it was with relief and elation that I finally trashed it.

It was impossible to keep the back in an upright position for more than five minutes. If there ever was a clip to enable this - and I don't remember one - it broke off years ago. And the seat sagged. 

In with the new
We were able to take this step thanks to a local charity that loaned us this new stroller. It was bliss to see C. upright and comfortable in a stroller at long last.

Her wheelchair remains a superior seating option and she'll continue to sit there most of the time. But I am unable to bounce her in it down our 24 steps to the street. With the stroller it's tough but doable.

The stroller also folds easily, whereas the wheelchair needs to be disassembled before it will fit into our sedan, something beyond my capabilities... All in all, it's a welcome addition to our already-cluttered living room. (The walker, wheelchair and stroller all reside there).

And here [link] is our Maclaren's stroller as it's marketed today. Perhaps they've upgraded it since we bought ours in 2006 but if not, I urge you to avoid this lemon.

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