Sunday, August 10, 2014

More on Cannabis

Advert for the 1930's film "Marihuana".
Credit: National Library of Medicine

I've become a one-woman PR agency for medical marijuana - probably verging on insufferable to many. But I just can't restrain myself when I repeatedly find that friends and acquaintances here - including doctors - are clueless about its benefits and availability. 

So if a conversation veers - ever so slightly - in that direction, I launch full throttle into our cannabis journey. I sing the praises of our amazingly progressive Ministry of Health, contrast it with the dismal situation in most of the States in America and urge anyone who knows anybody in need of it to go and get a license. Tomorrow. Or sooner. (Well, I may not verge. Probably just outright insufferable.)

Here are three recent articles [Link1, Link2, Link3] about the marijuana legal mess in the U.S. - state and Federal laws often collide - and the bizarre roots of its illegality.

We desperately need solid study results proving the medicinal efficacy of cannabis. But that is easier said than done as this New York Times article [Link4], posted yesterday, attests. 

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Elizabeth said...

The times they are a'changing. While it seems like a trickle, I predict that it will soon be a deluge. The Stanley brothers have huge fields of hemp growing in Central America and will be shipping it everywhere in the U.S. legally by the end of this year. When the first bill to make it legal for epilepsy gets through Congress with bipartisan support, it'll be like a domino, I imagine. In the meantime, though, I'm just like you in my proselytizing.