Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hooray! The strike is over

On a personal note, I am elated to announce that my daughter C.'s most recent food strike ended as suddenly and mysteriously as it began.

There were no changes whatsoever in her life to which I can attribute either its start or finish.

Also, today we had our first visit from a health fund nurse for C.'s first blood test after starting Valproic Acid.

I can't accurately convey what a relief it was to just wait for him to arrive and take blood in our dining room. And find a good vein on his first try!

In the past, whenever a blood test was ordered, we'd have to transport and trek with C. by car to a health fund clinic. Nobody in the system, no doctor, nurse or secretary, ever let me in on the secret of  the home-visiting nurse. It just dawned on me that since my elderly mother had this service when she still lived at home alone that we might be entitled too. 

I'm hoping the test shows that the Valproic Acid level is still below therapeutic so that we can raise the dose and hopefully see even greater seizure control than we have already. They're now down to 3-4 seizures/day.

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