Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Quiet Revolution?

There was a divergence of views on this one in our house.

Is the new disabled symbol, soon to be introduced in NY, a good idea? The fresh logo depicts a wheelchair- bound person in motion replacing the static version visible everywhere today.

Until I gently convinced him otherwise, the hubby felt that this image of a person with disabilities  was absurd, given that the non-disabled are still depicted by a stationery image. Are people with disabilities the only active ones, he asked?

My response was that society-at-large still perceives people with disabilities as inactive and incompetent. Subtly, almost subliminally, the logo-in-motion may correct that. No lectures, no articles, no harangues. Just a ubiquitous image that can't possibly be avoided. Low cost, high gain.  

In the words of Victor Calise, commissioner of the New York mayor's Office for People With Disabilities: “It’s such a forward-moving thing,”   

Judge for yourself. 


You can read more about this here.

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