Friday, October 5, 2018

Back to hydro - and doctor problems

C. finally scored one hydro session during the month of her therapy pool's closure. I had hesitated to give her one because the water in the available pool - it's the one I swim in - is much colder than C.'s therapy pool. But our past experiences there, about a year ago, usually proved worthwhile nonetheless. 

So with E. and the Hubby we gave it a shot on Sunday. 

The first ten minutes she was tense, limbs bent and unable to float on her own. I was tempted to admit defeat. But eventually she floated independently, kicking slightly - admittedly shivering - but thrilling us all nonetheless for around twenty minutes. 

On the seizure front, we're still seeing somewhat of an improvement with the raised Vimpat dose though not the sort that halts the hunt for better control. 

But for now we're occupied with trying to get a neurologist to submit the paperwork required by our health fund for renewal of our Vimpat authorization. It expires on November 24th and the paperwork involves a neurologist filling in forms along with numerous other signatures, a time consuming process. 

The problem is we're getting the email silent treatment from the two neurologists who have most recently treated C. One is the doctor who recommended adding on Frisium while also recommending that we see an epileptologist since epilepsy isn't her area of expertise (she's a headache specialist!) We notified her that we'd heeded her advice re an epileptologist but not the Frisium tip. We were pleading with her to contact a senior neurologist who had helped us immeasurably in the hospital last year. 

No response from her. Apparently she had her heart set on C. getting Frisium - which would have brought her ant-epileptic tally three! (Excluding cannabis.)

The second neurologist ignoring us is the epileptologist we first saw last month - and paid out-of-pocket for the privilege. She is the one who urged us to raise the Vimpat dosage. And now she won't help is out with the Vimpat authorization paperwork!

Is there something in the water these neurologists drink that makes them so heartless?

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