Sunday, August 20, 2017

Water and oil

I'm pleased to report that C.'s second Mommy-hydro stint far surpassed her first. She hardly crossed her legs at all which enabled her to center her body and float independently most of the session.

Looking forward to this week's session.

We are still pursuing our quest for eleven (instead of ten) bottles of Cannabis CBD along with one bottle of THC per month.

In response to our request,the government bureaucrats who supervise the issue of medical cannabis have determined that a daily log of every CBD dose administered to C. over the last year is what's missing in their lives.

The recommendations of C.'s neurologist, along with all the requisite paperwork already submitted, just didn't cut it. So we've dutifully supplied them with our log.

A hospital-based neurologist to whom we brought C. years ago now apparently occupies a position of influence over the government's medical cannabis office. Our current neurologist has solicited his intervention.

All we remember about the few visits we made to him with C. years ago is that he routinely asked us "So, what do you think?" and "What would you like to try now?" We never received a suggestion from him. For obvious reasons, we didn't stick with him for long.

Let's hope he'll be quick and obliging now.

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