Monday, August 14, 2017

A manicure and Mommy hydro

It was a week of firsts for C.

The first was her first hydrotherapy session in a non-therapy pool with only slightly heated water.

The second was her first hydrotherapy session with an amateur therapist - yours truly.

And the third was her first manicure courtesy of E., her caregiver. I don't know how I let her circulate all these years with un-done nails. She always has two sparkly hairpins and earrings but somehow the nail polish was overlooked.

The hydrotherapy went surprisingly well.

Although her floating was not as impressive as it has been in the past, I had braced myself for much worse. What C. did was cross her legs tightly - which I've never seen her do before. This caused her body to tilt sideways.

I was unable to straighten them out despite concerted efforts. But now and then she uncrossed them herself and was then able to float easily without any support.

My guess is the temperature of the water caused the leg-crossing. Hopefully next time she'll be somewhat accustomed to the water and we'll have less of it.

And here she is showing off her manicure.

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Elizabeth said...

So pretty! She reminds me so much of my Sophie --